Wellcurbs was a Northern NJ-based act active in the mid-1990’s. In their years together, they released three albums. The band was comprised of Rob Maru (guitars), Bill Atkens (bass), Pete Kaprelian (drums) and Art Gusmano (vocals) with Tom Kincaid (guitars) as a member for the first two records. The first release self-titled “Wellcurbs” was released in 1994 followed by a four song EP “Satellites” in 1996. “Siege Perilous” released in 1998 and would prove to be their third and final album.

During these years, they frequently played such venues as CBGB’s, and Mercury Lounge. But, Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ was their favorite and most visited.

In 2000, Wellcurbs wrote the track for the short film “The Fingerseed” by Leon Martin. This would be the last thing they would collaborate on together.

Their catalog is available on the major platforms including Amazon, Apple and Spotify.